Mazars continues its international development with recent expansions in Belgium, Canada and France.

Having expanded its presence in South Africa, Brazil, Vietnam and openened offices in Thailand, Botswana, Indonesia, Malaysia and Malta in 2007-2008, Mazars is continuing its geographical development policy by growing its services in Belgium, Canada and France.

Mazars strengthens its teams in Belgium by merging with Goossens Gossart Joos and Cardyn & Joos.

The partners of Mazars and Goossens Gossart Joos and Cardyn & Joos have signed an agreement confirming that the firms are to merge effective as of 1st September 2009.

The new organisation will be called Mazars. Mazars will now employ 100 professionals in Brussels, Anvers and Gand and will have an annual turnover of 11 million euros.

The merger represents a significant stage in the development of Mazars in Belgium and enables the array of services that Mazars offers to be widened thanks to the expertise of our professional colleagues at Gossens Gossart Joos and Cardyn & Joos, particularly en Banking and Insurance.

Harel Drouin strengthens Mazars’ teams in Canada

Mazars has recently consolidated its position in Canada by means of a merger with Harel Drouin. Now a total of more than 100 professionals will serve Mazars’ 700 clients in Canada in audit, advisory services, accounting and tax.

This merger is Mazars’ opportunity to expand its services in Canada greatly with a new team, whose level of technical expertise matches the group’s standards and represents a genuine addition, enabling Mazars to offer tailor made services to the Canadian financial market.

France: Mazars develops its presence in Central France with two new offices in Orléans and Chartres.

On 1st September 2009, Mazars extended its coverage in France by acquiring a majority stake in one of the largest firms in the central region which comprises the following two organisations:

  • ADH Experts, located in the Chartres region, which becomes ADH Experts – Mazars
  • SAFREC, located in the Orléans region, which becomes SAFREC – Mazars

As a result of this acquisition, 9 local partners and more than 100 professionals have joined the group, 60 in Chartres and 40 in Orléans. This external growth transaction brings the total number of Mazars offices in France to 30 and the number of regions in which it has offices to 11.