Supporting our people and clients facing the war in Ukraine

Since the shocking invasion of Ukraine by Russia two weeks ago, we have been working to understand and navigate the consequences of this complex and ever-evolving situation. The safety and welfare of our people and their families remains our highest priority.

Helping our people in and from Ukraine

Since the beginning of this terrible and devastating attack, we have been relentless in doing our best to protect and support our people, in Ukraine but also outside of Ukraine.

Last week, we organised the evacuation of 32 staff and families from Kyiv. The bus safely reached Poland where our Mazars colleagues have arranged accommodation and assistance.

Our group is providing financial support to our teams and their relatives who left the country, and we will continue to do so as needed. To date we have Ukrainian staff in six countries where our internal networks propose hosting to those colleagues and their families. We are overwhelmed by the chain of solidarity we see everywhere, and immensely grateful to our partners and staff in neighbouring countries, and elsewhere, who help every day. We continue to connect every day with our Ukrainian staff who remained in the country: all our thoughts are with them during this distressing time.

Implementing decisions on our international activities and in Russia

We have been assessing the many consequences of these tragic developments for our staff and for our clients around the world, and how we can respond as an international firm.  

In every country where Mazars operates, we will fully comply with international sanctions and have committed not to serve any sanctioned entities including Russian government, state owned enterprises and sanctioned individuals.

Mazars in Russia employs 500 people and our clients in this region are essentially international companies* with operations in Russia. Going forward, we will solely focus on these international clients who need our help to navigate the consequences of this crisis. Our Mazars team in Russia will support these clients for the time being. We believe we have a critical role to play as auditors and advisors to help these companies comply with international and local regulations and sanctions, to ensure continuous transparency and quality of global consolidated accounts, and to advise them on critical decisions as the situation evolves.

This is an extremely complex and fast-moving situation. We will continue to prioritise the welfare of our people, while considering carefully what further steps we take as events and circumstances evolve.

*Foreign companies with direct investment in Russia.

Hervé Hélias,

CEO, Mazars Group