Transforming water & wastewater

Today, we are lucky to have Léon Patrick Zerbib, US Partner at Mazars Zettafox, with us to shed some light on Zettafox’s solutions and technology, the services offered, and the value for our sectors and clients, particularly water utilities.

In October 2017, Mazars Group announced the acquisition of Zettafox, a leading player in data science and prescriptive data analysis. The acquisition of Zettafox is part of an ambitious plan for growth, innovation and transformation of all Mazars’ business lines on a global scale, including a growth target of 35%-40% of Group revenue in advisory services in 2018.

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Modern data science can handle voluminous sets of heterogeneous data flows from operational, financial, and other internal or external sources, to feed efficient, optimized, consolidated, automatically refreshed reporting tools.  The water and wastewater industries are facing many challenges today. We truly believe that the use of data analytics is a key tool to overcome perennial issues.

Utilities are under pressure to do more with less. Data analytics could help in addressing outdated systems at a time when traditional revenue streams are drying up. Data generated by water networks is abundant: Flow, pressure, pumps and pipes activities, water supply metering, asset performance, non-revenue water, etc. External data like meteorological variables (soil moisture, precipitation and snowpack levels) could also be used. That data, once captured, aggregated and organized, will give operators powerful information to take efficient actions.

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