Group transparency report 2022/2023

We are pleased to bring forth our 'Group transparency report 2022/2023’, which attests to our unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity and accountability.

Mazars is an internationally integrated partnership, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. As of 1 January 2024, we operate in over 100 countries and territories around the world, and we draw on the expertise of more than 50,000 professionals – 33,000+ in Mazars’ integrated partnership and 17,000+ via the Mazars North America Alliance – to assist clients of all sizes at every stage in their development.

Over the last year, Mazars has once again achieved double-digit growth across all regions and service lines. Our fee income of €2.8bn confirms the success of our strategy in action and its ability to withstand external challenges. This became particularly clear in a year where growth prospects have never been more susceptible to change and global impact.

Businesses, governments and individuals alike have had to operate in an eventful and demanding environment. Recognising the challenges our clients face, we remain faithful to our commitment to helping them succeed and move forward with confidence.

This is especially important during a time where we’ve seen further developments impacting the profession, including the war for talent, new standards and requirements, and the fast pace of technological change. In this context, quality remains the bedrock of our professional reputation and a core pillar of our One24 strategy.

Valuing a solid, robust approach to delivering quality engagements across our service lines, we have evolved our internal quality control framework. This is the first transparency report where the International Standard on Quality Management 1 (ISQM1), has come into effect, and we have taken this as an opportunity to review and refresh our approach to not just how me manage our quality and risk, but also how we report on it.

Under the leadership of the global Quality and Risk Management (Q&RM) board, we have made significant progress. Notably, we reinforced our quality and risk-focused culture in 2023, embedding global tools and technologies, refining our Q&RM governance and driving related transformation initiatives. We have continued to embed the Mazars quality management framework while keeping aligned with ISQM1 to foster a consistent, global approach.

We have seen first-hand the power of an open, quality-focused mindset and are proud of the hard work and dedication our Q&RM teams have invested into implementing our quality management framework, harnessing the extensive range of talent across our partnership. As we step into the final year of our One24 strategy, we embrace the high standards we set for ourselves, propelling us towards continued success in the short, medium and long term.

We are confident that our insights and services empower organisations to operate with assurance, make informed decisions and communicate with heightened transparency to stakeholders. This strengthens the foundational link between businesses and society, providing a reliable underpinning for mutual trust.


Mazars Group - Transparency report 2022-2023