Privacy & Data Protection

Assess and evaluate your privacy and data protection strategy.

Technology evolves rapidly and procedures become increasingly advanced. Today as never before, it is essential for businesses and organisations not only to protect privacy and the data they process, but also to demonstrate that they are doing so. 

The GDPR has introduced a vast movement of change in data protection practices, both inside and outside the European Union. The regulation has dramatically changed data protection regulations in an era where technology and digital commerce are at the root of human life.

Bringing your business in line with this regulation and keeping up to date with regulatory changes can be difficult and challenging. Forvis Mazars can help make it simple. Our advice is based on our extensive experience of helping businesses comply with data protection laws around the world.

Forvis Mazars has developed a range of services to assist clients with their compliance needs. Each of these is customised to get the most out of them. We believe that achieving compliance should be done with minimal business disruption, as business interruption is another form of penalty that needs to be considered alongside the potential fines for non-compliance. We take the necessary time to understand your business and can help you at every stage of your compliance journey.
Below are some of the services we can provide. For more details on these services please contact one of our experts.  

Our services: 

  • Compliance reviews, Maturity assessments audit
  • Technical advisory implementation services
  • DPO support services


Understanding regulatory compliance and Data Protection laws

In today's digital landscape, where data is the lifeblood of businesses, adhering to regulatory standards like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is paramount. GDPR, a comprehensive framework governing data protection and privacy for individuals within the European Union (EU), has transformed how organizations handle user data worldwide.

Navigating GDPR and Data Protection laws

GDPR's cornerstone principles include data portability, ensuring individuals have the right to transfer their personal data between service providers securely. It also mandates stringent protections for sensitive information, such as personal health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).

Data Protection: a global imperative

Beyond GDPR, various jurisdictions have enacted their own data protection regulations. For instance, the Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States imposes specific requirements for the collection and storage of children's data. These regulations underscore the global importance of data privacy and the need for organizations to implement robust data protection measures.

The Data Economy and Privacy Considerations

In today's data-driven economy, where information fuels innovation and drives business strategies, protecting data integrity and privacy is paramount. Organizations must recognize the importance of data as a valuable asset and prioritize its protection against unauthorized access or misuse.

Beyond Compliance: Embracing Data Privacy

While compliance with regulations like GDPR is essential, organizations must go beyond mere adherence to foster a culture of data privacy. Implementing robust data management practices and educating employees on data protection principles are critical steps towards building trust with customers and stakeholders.

In conclusion, as technology continues to evolve and data becomes increasingly integral to business operations, prioritizing privacy and data protection is non-negotiable. By embracing regulatory compliance, implementing robust security measures, and fostering a culture of privacy, organizations can mitigate risks and safeguard sensitive information in an ever-changing digital landscape.

For expert guidance and tailored solutions to enhance your privacy and data protection strategy, contact us today.

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