Our Integrated Partnership

Since its foundation, Mazars has chosen the demanding option of being a truly integrated firm. The Mazars Organisation is based on democratic partnership. It gives each partner the right to vote on the strategic decisions involving the future of the partnership.

This kind of responsibility is central to Mazars’ principles and practices. It runs throughout the organisation and is daily expressed in the way we exercise our profession and in the relationship Mazars maintains with its social and economic environment . We established an integrated international partnership with the principal objective of guaranteeing consistent quality in our service to clients. Our clients with international activities wish for well coordinated services which reflect their own corporate structure. This requires auditors and advisers who are intimate with their group requirements regardless of where in the world they operate. We believe our integrated structure offers this consistency and enables direct control over standards.By integrating Partners coming from firms who share values that go deeper than cultural differences, who share the same ideas about our profession and the same demanding standards of excellence, Mazars is patiently and determinedly building a strong international organisation of professionals who have also chosen to share the same ambition, strategy and fundamental decisions.


Our model is democratic and transparent, both internally and externally. The direction of Mazars is devolved to its Group Executive Board , whose members are elected every four years based on a clearly defined road map. Mazars has also created a  Group Governance Council  which has the task of supporting GEB  decisions and ensuring that the Group’s ethical rules are not infringed.