Beyond Payroll Services

Mazars has deep experience in providing outsourced payroll administration to clients around the world. But unlike most traditional payroll providers Mazars offers you more than “just” payroll administration.

We provide deep HR expertise and compliance advisory services, which are critical prerequisites to keeping your payroll compliant. Without it, you or your local payroll provider may be calculating payroll correctly, but those calculations could be based on the wrong assumptions and input values (misclassification of employees is a typical problem for example), which leads to a compliance issue.



Staff administration


Comprehensive administrative management of your employees

Preparation of employment contracts

On-demand assistance and emergency solutions

Multi-country global payroll services

Specific advice on employment law

One-off reviews (e.g. social insurance contributions)

Advice and support in relation to social insurance registration

Declaration and follow-up of claims with different insurance companies (e.g. accident, illness)

Support and advice during audits / inspections by the authorities

Preparation of payment files and submission to the e-banking system

Implementation of a compensation plan and expenses regulations

Best practice advice on HR processes and systems

Payroll accounting support according to your needs

Administration of expense reports according to your specificities

Manage expatriate and secondment requirements worldwide through our Global Mobility Services

Completion of specific assignments (e.g. shadow payroll, retroactive pay, gross-up calculations, etc.)

Monitoring of working time (working hours and absences)

Immigration services – work permits and visas

Coordination of international projects with our global payroll management software

Employee hotline service

Home country reporting



Organisation of fully customised training and materials



Equity based compensation schemes