Forensic investigation & compliance

Harnessing cutting-edge technology in disputes and investigations

Increased regulation and a greater focus on compliance are the key factors behind a rise in investigations into areas such as fraud, anti-bribery and corruption and other financial crime. Disputes and investigations require discretion and expertise as organisations seek to limit reputational and financial damage.

Our approach

We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake in-depth investigations, remaining sensitive to businesses’ concerns around reputation, confidentiality, and minimising disruption. For accounting investigations, our qualified accountants and fraud experts have extensive experience with fraud, regulatory investigations, tax investigations and corruption cases, including those under the US FCPA or UK Bribery Act.

Once problems are identified, we involve specialists who can solve problems such as quantifying and recovering loss, deterrence and prevention of future similar problems. We can also offer training to in-house teams and assist with other proactive work such as risk profiling, evaluation of internal controls, fraud awareness courses and crime surveys. We have extensive experience in the specialised discipline of continuous integrity monitoring.

Forvis Mazars’ forensic technology team has cutting-edge data analytics tools and algorithms at its disposal to provide data mining and forensic analysis services in connection with complex investigations and dispute resolution assignments. Data from multiple sources, including mobile phone data and 'deleted' data, can be centrally stored on our premises in a forensically sound image that facilitates quick identification of problematic transactions and stands up in court. Password recovery and data decryption are available as specialist services that may provide vital additional evidence.

Our people

Our team of dedicated specialists offers a truly international service, meaning we regularly advise national and international corporations and law firms. Our expert witnesses and investigations partners have given evidence in court and arbitrations and have led complex internal investigations.