Tax reviews, opinions and interpretation requests

Complex tax-related business analyses and analyses of chosen tax-related issues

Forvis Mazars Tax Advisory Department offers its Clients both complex tax-related business analyses, in the form of tax reviews and analyses of chosen tax-related issues, in the form of tax opinions. 

All tax review-based opinions are preceded by a thorough analysis of the actual condition of the company, case law and tax regulations.  Our opinions are prepared so that they can be a basis for further discussion with the Client or potentially with tax authorities. Moreover, whenever possible, we include conclusions and recommendations on how to proceed with the issue at hand and what risks may lay ahead.

The Polish tax law allows taxpayers to apply for an official interpretation of tax rules and regulations. It is a very useful tool for clearing up any uncertainties on how a specific regulation should be interpreted and thus enables avoiding unnecessary tax debt or potential penal and fiscal liability (the compliance with such an interpretation is always in favour of the taxpayer). Forvis Mazars tax advisors help our Clients acquire said tax law interpretations.