Debt advisory

Optimal outcomes no matter your financing need

Debt markets have been transformed by an unprecedented period of low rates and high liquidity. However, even when credit is widely available, expertise is needed if the package is to best suit the needs of the business. We offer debt advisory support that helps you raise the finance you need in order to support your operational strategy.

When used effectively, debt financing can help drive growth ambitions, execute an acquisition strategy, leverage investments or de-risk and realise value in the business. Our debt advisory team has deep experience in the financing market. We offer extensive market knowledge and help both public and private organisations find the right funding solutions and financing partners for their objectives. We will take the time to understand your business and your funding requirements in order to determine the ideal structure for your financing and execute a deal aligned with your long-term business goals.

With numerous borrowing options available on the market, you need a partner with established relationships with debt providers that can cut through the complexity and provide clear and straightforward guidance. We can you help you:

  • Realise value through shareholder recapitalisation
  • Refinance existing debt facilities
  • Raise funds to support growth and M&A activity
  • Fund working capital
  • Leverage sponsored transactions optimally

We believe strongly that tailored solutions deliver the greatest value. As such:

  • Our dedicated debt advisory teams will support you throughout the entire funding process: from initial strategic considerations to effective funding
  • We bring you an exhaustive view of the players and solutions available in the market
  • Our independence ensures you get the most suitable financing partners and funding solutions
  • We follow a tried and tested approach to ensure optimal implementation of your funding solution