Our outsourcing experience in CEE

Increasingly companies, both large and small, are turning to Forvis Mazars’ outsourcing team to help them improve performance, secure compliance processes, manage costs and provide a level of flexibility in resourcing and skills. But don’t just listen to us – let our clients share their experience with you.


Outsourcing represents almost 50% of the total CEE turnover

1200 outsourcing clients

A deep understanding of sector-specific environments

550 outsourcing professionals

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Payroll calculation within one day at ASSA ABLOY

Salary calculation for around 150 workers in about 24 hours from receiving the required input. Current model which Forvis Mazars helped design meant increased efficiency, better accuracy of salary calculation, minimising the risks and saving time.

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Outsourcing for a large automotive greenfield project

Forvis Mazars has created special teams with project-oriented approach in order to address the issues related to clients' operations. All accounting, payroll and tax processes have been described in process maps.

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Agile payroll takeover at Puma

Forvis Mazars took over the payroll agenda over the course of 2 weeks. The mutual cooperation has continued to the client’s satisfaction till nowadays.

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Optimisation of accounting processes for 3 countries at L'Oréal

The new model implemented led to a significant increase of efficiency with the client finance team and Forvis Mazars team being decreased at its minimum compared to initial in-house processing. Indeed it enabled shorter deadlines for the deliveries with higher quality. Finally L'Oréal gets access to an easy substitution of its team in case of illness, holidays or season peaks.

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Flexible and scalable outsourcing services at Castel

Both Castel and Forvis Mazars share a relationship of trust and mutual understanding of challenges. The client can fully focus on its core business and be sure of compliance and conformity with the ever-changing regulations.​ Forvis Mazars is proud to be a trusted partner to Castel in Poland for almost 25 years. Castel started working with Forvis Mazars also in the Czech Republic in 2009.

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Centralised accounting solution to cover 7 countries at Profoto

Our expertise has helped Profoto to improve its flexibility, to increase the reactivity of its service level and to fully integrate the accounting with business operations.

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Global compliance at Regus

Local compliance activities, including tax, statutory financial statements fillings, corporate secretarial services and payroll for more than 30 countries, covering a total of more than 450 legal entities.The services provided by Forvis Mazars have made the global compliance easier and have facilitated the harmonization of the procedures across the globe with full transparency on the processes.

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Set-up of customised payroll processes for a large retailer from scratch

Forvis Mazars was appointed to provide the company with the accounting and payroll services. The client is satisfied with the payroll services and has been renewing the contract for the 5th year. Forvis Mazars’ team has gained wide experience in providing payroll for employees with summarised recording of working time regime, which is often used in retail business in Russia. Customisation of the standard payroll & HR software is widely used for payroll processes of other clients, which allowed payroll team to automatise payroll calculations and have better control over the results.

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Payroll for 3,500 employees at METRO

Forvis Mazars in Ukraine administers pay slips and payments for 3,500 people.

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