Global mobility & employment tax

Ensuring the right skills are available when and where needed.

Changes to the way we work are happening faster than ever before and businesses need to keep up to maintain their competitive advantage. New models are emerging in Romania and globally, where staff with critical skills may be based anywhere. The accelerated mobility increases the challenge of managing the adaption of the legislation to deal with areas such as tax, Social Security Contributions, and Immigration Law. Our experienced team has a global reach and can assist both the employer and the employee to comply with all legal requirements and be in control.

Our approach 

In an increasingly globalised world, companies need to have access to the right people at the right time, wherever they are in the world. Nowadays, having a global footprint can often mean moving the task to the worker rather than moving the worker to the task. This flexibility is a key to success but achieving it means overcoming the complexity of managing teams in multiple jurisdictions. Forvis Mazars has excellent knowledge in this respect as there are many reasons why companies use cross-border resources. Understanding what are the reasons behind these decisions helps us to tailor our support, for our clients to achieve the best results possible. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and place high value on the quality and practicality of our advice, as well as on the transparency and fairness in all our client interactions. 

Our Global Mobility specialists provide access to a worldwide network of experts in areas including tax and Social Security, employment law, immigration, etc.

Our services  

  • Consultancy for income tax and Social Security Contributions;
  • Assistance with obtaining documents issued by public authorities, such as tax residency certificates, confirmation of taxes paid in Romania, European Health Cards, etc.
  • Support with implementation and review of tax incentives for workforce;
  • Preparation of monthly compliance for foreign individuals working in Romania;
  • Assistance with the preparation of any requests for clarifications/binding rulings and follow-up with the Romanian Tax Authorities (e.g., tax clearance process, request for issuance of amended documents, etc.);
  • Immigration services for both EU and non-EU individuals.

Our people 

The Global Mobility area is becoming increasingly complex and the Forvis Mazars team is well-prepared to assist you with competent, fast, and practical solutions, that are tailored to your needs.

We have expertise in various industries such as technology, construction, and automotive, facing complex cross-border issues. Forvis Mazars’ team regularly contributes to various publications and is well anchored in relevant industry debates and discussions with the Romanian Tax Authorities, being, also, involved in various global projects, contributing to our clients in terms of legislative updates.

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