Annual and interim reports

At least once a year, financial accounts must be compiled and presented in an annual report. The annual report is a requirement of the Companies Act, but its value can be much greater. It can also serve as a valuable tool in efforts to market a company, provided, of course, that the figures are correct and the company’s operations are described in an informative presentation.

We function as a natural support for companies in the preparation of financial statements and annual reports. We can help businesses to interpret the accounting regulations that apply to their company or corporate group. We can serve as a partner in the production of their annual report, or provide help through quality assurance when they handle the job by themselves. And, naturally, we are always right there when questions arise during the production process. Our consultants have many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of both Swedish accounting regulations and IFRS.

If a company’s shares are listed on the stock exchange, they are required to publish financial reports during the year, in the form of interim or quarterly reports. We can help to prepare these reports, or provide quality assurance when work is complete.

We can also assist with the printed presentation of an annual or interim report through our contact network.