Valuation Services

Forvis Mazars perform valuations for a variety of purposes. These are often driven by, for example accounting, transaction, tax or funding purposes. Other times there is a dispute or perhaps an incentive program that shall be implemented. We also assist our clients in preparing financial models for simulation of scenarios, such as mergers, new strategic directions or to optimize cash flows.

A valuation report from Forvis Mazars is elaborated and substantiated where our assumptions are benchmarked against the specific market, special databases, public investigations and reports. In addition, our global experience from previous assignments has a great importance. Forvis Mazars' valuation reports stand for quality and independence, which is important for external stakeholders, such as tax authorities, financiers, shareholders, partners, etc.
Forvis Mazars' valuation team supports you in all situations where a business valuation may be needed. We offer highly qualified analysis and structured decision support that are valuable tools in negotiations and contribute to an effective decision making. In addition, we can evaluate certain types of intellectual property rights and securities, such as warrants, convertible bonds, etc.
Incentive programs are often based on warrants. To make it correct, it is essential to ensure that the input variables, such as the volatility, in the Black & Scholes formula is in line with the market observations. Otherwise, the entire program can be a tax risk, both for the company and the holder. Together with our tax specialists we can design the program to meet your objectives and to make sure that no unpleasant surprises pop up later.

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