Sometimes the business does not develop as planned which may result in the company having difficulty to finance its operations. Forvis Mazars offers advice to both creditors and debtors, aiming to retain values ​​and minimize credit losses.

As an independent party in an often complex situation with various stakeholders of underperforming businesses, we can provide an objective analysis and highlight different options and consequences. We can assist you with independent business reviews (IBR) of current operations and the company's future ability to meet its financial obligations and make an analysis of liquidity needs in the short and long term. We can also assist with the coordination and project management where multiple creditors are involved.
If you as a business owner already have liquidity problems, we assist you with the review of how capital can be released by immediately decreasing the cost base and working capital. In the longer term, together with the company management, we advice on how to create liquidity and incorporate an understanding of a persistent liquidity management. We also assist you in identifying unprofitable parts of the business and advice on various ways to handle them.

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