How do we work?

To determine the value of a business, we have to analyse it from the perspective of a business owner.

Throughout the valuation process, our clients will be consistently dealing with the same team members whilst the entire process will be overseen by a Mazars Partner to ensure quality control measures are met throughout the engagement. The partner assigned to your engagement provides a “hands on approach” to each engagement.

Ongoing open communication with your company and management is core to our service and our commitment to keeping you fully informed at all stages of the engagement.

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to valuation. The first step in our valuation process is always to obtain a deep understanding of the business together with its growth potential and challenges. This understanding of the business is the foundation upon which the financial models and valuation methodologies are built.

Our service offerings in Singapore:

1. Pre-deal preparation: We perform business analysis, competitor benchmarking and industry research to identify the competitive advantages, the key growth drivers and risk factors to your business. 

2. Independent business valuation: We perform independent business valuation of the target companies as reference for the negotiation process. We maintain independence and objectivity to ensure the trust of both buyers and sellers.

3. Post-deal valuation for financial reporting:Subsequent to deal closure, we assist you to perform Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) exercise and Impairment testing in compliance with the relevant accounting standards. 

Our expertise in other areas of valuation: 

1. Valuation of intellectual property (IP): We specialise in valuation of IPs for the purpose of claiming Writing-Down Allowances in accordance with Section 19B of the Income Tax Act. 

2. Portfolio valuation for Registered Fund Management Companies (RFMC):We assist RFMCs in Singapore to perform independent valuation of the assets under management as required by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  

3. Valuation of financial instruments:We perform valuation of Employee Share Options (ESOP); warrants; convertible loans and preference shares in accordance with the relevant accounting standards.

4. Valuation of machinery and equipment:We employ a fully-qualified mechanical engineer with experience in valuation of machinery and equipment for a wide range of industries, including semiconductor, construction, mining, precision engineering, oil & gas and logistics. 

Our work is in full compliance with the requirements of International Valuation Standards ("IVS") and the relevant financial reporting standards. To ensure that the concluded value is reasonable, we perform extensive cross-checks, sensitivity analysis and industry research.