How do we work?

"As a single, integrated global partnership with aligned interests and consistent standards, we offer a full range of tax advisory services to address corporation and individual tax needs. Achieving your domestic and international tax objectives in today's landscape requires a balanced perspective and foresight. We can, together with all of our colleagues around the world, provide you with the necessary tax insights allowing you to make the best decisions that strategically moves your business forward with confidence." (Gene Kwee, Partner - Head of Tax)

Our approach 

In this fast-changing environment, we believe in a risk-averse, long-term and sustainable approach to developing corporate structures, rather than being forced to respond to each new piece of legislation or tax court ruling.  

Our global team is tracking local tax issues in advance, including disruptive tax events such as Brexit. This international presence makes Mazars ideally placed to serve both larger corporations and mid-sized firms undergoing their first international expansion. In addition, Mazars supports international groups to resolve their tax issues triggered by the OECD BEPS initiative and the EU-Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD).  

We also offer advice on tax-efficient structures during cross-border acquisitions and disposals, and strategic assistance during international tax field audits.  

Our services 

We offer: 

  • Strategic advice on tax-efficient yet appropriate and sustainable corporate structures; 
  • Advice tailored to sectors with specific topics; 
  • Tax risk assessment and mitigation; 
  • Outsourced assistance on filing; 
  • Tax advice in tax field audits including joint tax audits and the OECD’s International Compliance Assurance Program (ICAP) 
  • Assistance at tax courts; 
  • Cloud-based tools such including our unique DAC6 reporting system.