Management Advisory

Our Management Advisory is there to provide support to management teams in private-equity backed businesses, especially useful when the interests of the investor and management may differ.

We firmly believe that management should receive independent advice and the benefits of such advice are increasingly recognised by the market. Whilst we can help management in any transaction where value is at stake – the support is particularly relevant in secondary MBOs.

Our team has a wealth of experience of working on all sides of private equity transactions for many years and as such we understand what is important to the investment community. Mazars Management Advisory optimises the outcome for management because we:

  • Use a bespoke approach using our experience to find the right solution;
  • Understand the motivations, key priorities, legal rights, strengths of position, and influence and control of all key parties;
  • Devise and implement a strategy that works for management;
  • Get appointed early in a process and work with management on the most appropriate strategy;
  • Ensure that management’s interests are always considered throughout the process; and
  • Our experience includes the £200m buyout of Healthcare at Home and the £25m buyout of Bromford Industries.

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