VAT & indirect tax

Indirect taxes need careful planning as they make up an ever-larger part of the tax take

Complying with the wide range of indirect taxes, from VAT to Stamp Duty Land Tax and Excise/Customs duty, often requires quick thinking and immediate action.

Our approach

VAT and indirect taxes are transaction-driven and complex and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
We help businesses plan for VAT before setting out on a new venture, including overseas expansion, buying or selling a property or raising finances. Our experienced team addresses compliance issues proactively to help you avoid penalties, as well as the impact of transactions on other areas of the business, including audit and direct tax.

Our services

We offer advice and support with the following issues across all sectors:

• Health check reviews that can identify both VAT risks and opportunities for VAT savings
• International tax and dealing with trading outside the UK
• Land and property transaction and option to tax
• Expert advice for specific tax solutions
• Acquisitions and disposals
• Senior Accounting Officer reviews
• Compliance: penalties and interest, returns and payments, registration, reviews and audits
• Compliance with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) requirements
• Negotiating with HMRC
• Managing the impact of an indirect tax investigation
• Indirect tax investigations, independent reviews and appeals to the Tribunal

Our tools and solutions

  • VAT Comparison tool: Our VAT comparison tool offers our clients the opportunity to gain information on country-specific VAT jurisdictions. This enables businesses to get an initial idea of the VAT
  • VAT-ID Verifier tool: A fully integrated software solution. We offer you a solution whichever you need: Quickly and personally via our Managed Service, simply and permanently online via our self-service or seamlessly automated through ERP integration. We will help you to find the best solution for you.
  • Huddle/InControl: Our VAT and indirect tax team use a range of globally accessible tools, including our communication platform Huddle and the dashboard InControl.
  • Customised IT tool development: We appreciate on-going and close contact with our clients. In terms of IT tools and solutions, we focus on developing products on market demand, preferably together with our clients.
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