Responsible supply chain

Ensure resilience across your business supply chain.

Operating a responsible supply chain has historically been the subject of voluntary business initiatives, but new legislative requirements are enforcing mandatory supply chain due diligence and reporting for many organisations. 

These include the:

Companies not directly caught under the legislation are increasingly under pressure from their clients to share and report on their data, making the impact of these moves felt by thousands of companies globally. Subsequently, organisations that do not have sufficient visibility of their supply chains will suffer, reducing their market access and eroding financial value.

There are several supply chain risks to consider; from compromised human rights or labour rights to causing environmental damage, which generate substantial reputational and business risks. High-profile cases in the media have raised awareness of issues in the supply chain, and organisations that lag behind in improving their conduct will struggle to attract both customers and talent.

Conversely, organisations that operate a responsible supply chain have a more comprehensive overview of their operations and enjoy benefits such as improved quality of goods, fewer delays, greater loyalty of suppliers, and a more resilient supply chain for the future.

Our responsible supply chain services 

Responsible supply chain

Our team can help you design a comprehensive approach to sustainable supply chain management, including:

  • Designing policies to uphold global standards and alignment with legislative requirements in the jurisdictions in which you operate;
  • Gap analysis of your supply chain management processes and best practice recommendations to ensure implementation of your policy commitments;
  • Assessment of your supply chain to identify the most significant impacts on people and the environment;
  • Developing processes for supplier onboarding, monitoring and exit, including supplier self-assessment questionnaires, risk assessments and audit advice.
  • Training your employees on Responsible Supply Chain principles, as well as policy implementation and supply chain management;
  • Assisting you in the design of a tailored due diligence approach which mitigates and remediates your material impacts.

Supplier engagement 

We will support you with supplier engagement through the use of our technology, offering a SaaS platform that enables suppliers to easily share the data you require to support your organisation’s sustainability targets. The pragmatic and collaborative approach delivers mutual benefits for your company and your suppliers; giving you the required information and providing your suppliers with feedback on how to improve. Our team can help you define an approach to embed the technology into your supply chain due diligence process seamlessly and at scale.

Our services include:

  • Carrying out comprehensive, risk-based, supply chain due diligence using a technology platform, coupled with consultancy services to fully embed the tool into your supply chain management systems;
  • Risk assessments of suppliers based on comprehensive third-party assessments.
  • Mapping your supply chain from Tier-1 to Tier-N;
  • Collecting Scope 3 GHG emission data from suppliers, minimising your reliance on spend and proxy data;
  • Providing access to analytics dashboards enabling you to quickly and easily identify risks;
  • Conducting data validation, to ensure decisions are based on complete and accurate data;
  • Providing end-to-end support for suppliers;
  • Issuing supplier improvement plans to suppliers, directly via the platform;
  • Implementing an API to bring risk data directly into your internal systems.

Our approach to Responsible Supply Chain engagements is aligned to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises:

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