Anindya Ghosh Chowdhury Director - Financial Services Consulting

Anindya Ghosh Chowdhury

Anindya is a Director at the firm, and leads our dedicated Prudential Regulation and Risk Management team. He has over 10 years’ experience in Financial Services. Prior to joining us, he worked at the Bank of England and the PRA, where he held a number of different roles. He was the Lead Auditor for Financial Stability and Prudential Regulation, where he covered the activities of the PRA (Banking and Insurance supervision), Prudential Policy, and Financial Markets Infrastructure directorates. He has also supervised major card payments systems and infrastructure firms that came into the remit of the Bank of England’s supervision. Later, he supervised a major Tier 1 international bank, where he focused on risk management, governance and information sharing.

Prior to joining the Bank of England and the PRA, Anindya qualified as a Chartered Accountant at a Big 4 firm, where he worked with a number of Tier 1 UK and international banks on their enterprise-wide controls and financial accounting. Anindya is an avid cricket fan and is a playing member and treasurer of the Bank of England Cricket Club. He did his schooling in India, before completing an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bath and TU Berlin.

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