Navigating wealth through the generations

For over a decade, we’ve supported entrepreneur Amanda Dagg with multi-generational financial planning that embraces her ambitions in enterprise, enables her interests and protects the prosperity of her family.

An enduring approach to wealth management

Entrepreneurs pour their ambition, energy and passion into the work they do and the life they love. People like Amanda can find themselves with property, investments, savings and share options building up, but without the time to prioritise how to effectively manage and plan these finances for the long term.

As legislation, economics and circumstances change, we’re trusted with Amanda’s long-term security and protecting everything she has worked hard for. Together, we build and maintain a pro-active, coherent plan, giving her peace of mind for the future and freeing her up to focus on what really matters. Her passion for enterprise and living family life to the full.


“I know that everything we have built up over our lives is going to be looked after. They help us plan not just for us, but for the future and our son.”


Amanda and Stuart walking dog

A close relationship in action

We share real trust, enjoying a collaborative working relationship reinforced by honest, safe and comfortable conversations. We challenge each other and talk openly with mutual respect. Amanda can pick up the phone at any time and we’ll always call back. We offer Amanda a different perspective and an experienced one. With access to a wider team of specialists and the assurance that her son has a contact of his own, we make sure the family feels fully informed and confident about their options and actions.


“I’ve been a private client for ten years. I don’t take a financial decision without talking to Natalie and the team.”


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With every client we support, we can plan for multiple futures. Whether that’s succession or exit planning to get that next phase in life right, or mergers, acquisition and investment for growth. We simplify, visualise and personalise how differing plans, cashflow models and scenarios might impact. We build a full picture of what ‘good’ looks like for the business, and the individual. Then we make that picture work for multiple generations. Underpinned by tax planning and wealth management, we blend strategic planning for business, with long-term thinking for every interest, asset and loved one.


“They guide us through, and I always get an honest view. We can look at different scenarios for our family. We know that whatever happens, we have a plan. That we are safe and secure, and that everything is taken care of.”


Amanda, Natalie and Stuart

Confident decision-making for life

Together, we’ve built a clear plan that’s proactive. Amanda has a strategic sounding board for investment opportunities and life choices. As a team we make sure the security that Amanda and family have earned is never jeopardised by changes in legislation, legality or circumstances.

And the successes of our relationship are shared. We’re passionate investors in Amanda’s security and reassurance, and we benefit from her recommendations to others who now also look to us to support their financial planning.

As with all of our clients, we protect and respect Amanda’s best interests, as if they are our own. Employing an active approach to wealth and wealth protection to give peace of mind to three generations, and prosperity for those beyond.

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