Superannuation services

Superannuation in Australia can be quite complex, but can provide significant tax advantages for saving and investing over a lifetime. Forvis Mazars provides accurate, relevant information and expert advice on all matters pertaining to superannuation across Australia.

For those who appreciate culture as much as commercial success, Forvis Mazars is the smart choice. It’s a place where you’ll be challenged to find unexpected solutions. Where you’ll gain experience with a variety of clients across many different sectors. And where you can be confident your team always supports you.

When joining Forvis Mazars Superannuation division you can expect to be exposed to various superannuation topics and areas, including: 

  • The key legislative, regulatory and administrative requirements of SMSFs
  • Taxation issues relevant to SMSF
  • SMSF Compliance audit documentation
  • SMSF Annual returns and reporting (ensuring that the fund complies with all tax and superannuation laws).

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