Mazars in Switzerland appointed audit partner by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation

10 February 2022, Geneva: Mazars, a leading international firm specialising in audit, tax and advisory, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation as a new audit partner. EQUAL-SALARY is an internationally recognised Swiss foundation whose objective is to provide companies with a label certifying equal pay for women and men.

The EQUAL-SALARY Foundation offers a certification procedure based on statistical analysis and a qualitative audit based on international quality standards. This certificate gives organisations credibility in the field of equal pay and demonstrates their responsibility towards society.  

Mazars will be tasked with conducting the quality audits leading to an EQUAL-SALARY certification. The Foundation and Mazars will join forces to promote the certification to companies in Switzerland and internationally.

As a leader in the field of corporate social responsibility audits in the watch and jewellery sector and an accredited auditor by numerous organisations in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Mazars has concluded this partnership to reinforce its commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility.

"The cause of equal pay for women and men now has a new ally. We still have a long way to go and there can never be too many of us to achieve our goal. We look forward to this collaboration and are delighted to have the precious support of Mazars in Switzerland", says Lisa Rubli, co-CEO of the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

"We are very pleased to have been chosen by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation to audit organisations aiming at obtaining the EQUAL-SALARY certification. This partnership is very important to us because acting responsibly and contributing to a fair and prosperous world are part of our values.", adds Michael Ackermann, partner at Mazars in Switzerland.

About Mazars

Mazars is an internationally integrated partnership, specializing in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services*. Operating in over 90 countries and territories around the world, we draw on the expertise of 44,000 professionals – 28,000 in Mazars’ integrated partnership and 16,000 via the Mazars North America Alliance – to assist clients of all sizes at every stage in their development. In Switzerland, Mazars relies on more than 300 professionals in our offices in Zurich, Bern, Delémont, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Sion.

*where permitted under applicable country laws. 

About the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation

EQUAL-SALARY is a not-for-profit foundation established since 2010. It is the first and only certification, based on a robust and transparent methodology, that focuses on equal pay for women and men. The development of the EQUAL-SALARY certification was financially supported by the Federal Office for Gender Equality and its methodology was used as a reference by the Swiss Federal Court of High Justice. EQUAL-SALARY is the only certification for equal pay highlighted by the European Commission in a report on Gender Pay Gap. EQUAL-SALARY is a member of EPIC (Equal Pay International Coalition) and of the UN Global Compact.

To date, the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation has completed over 110 certification procedures throughout the world. Several of the certified companies have renewed their commitment, demonstrating a strong will to promote fairness, building trust and respect for their employees.

As an EQUAL-SALARY employer, an organisation is in a better position to attract and retain talent and to prove it complies with the rules of good governance.

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