Olivier Rombaut Managing Partner

Olivier Rombaut

Olivier graduated in Accounting and Financial Sciences in Paris. He started his career at Mazars in 1990 and has been working permanently in Italy since 1993. In 2000 he became a Partner. He is registered in the Register of Statutory Auditors in Italy and France. 

He has professional experience gained in the field of auditing and financial services towards international groups. 

He is a partner responsible for statutory audit assignments of banks and financial intermediaries. During his career he has also been involved in mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring and liquidations. 

Since 2015 Olivier has been Chairman of Mazars Italia SpA and in 2020, after 5 years as Audit Leader for Italy, he became Managing Partner of Mazars for Italy. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Assirevi, the Italian association of auditing firms. 


He works mainly on banks and financial institutions that belong to international groups.

He is a IFRS9 specialist with a deep knowledge of financial instruments and financial market/proprietary trading.

He conducted M&A, debt restructuring and divestment projects.


French, English, Italian.

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