Mergers & acquisitions

Tailored M&A advice to create and maximise shareholder value

At Mazars, we advise large groups, privately owned businesses, entrepreneurs and investors on acquiring and selling businesses, raising funds and restructuring debt. Our teams have vast experience across a range of sectors and deal sizes. Our fully integrated, international team allows us to mobilise project teams with unique and specific experience to make your project a success. And with presence in over 90 countries and territories worldwide, our M&A experts can help you connect with targets, acquirers and financial sponsors from across the globe.

The M&A process is highly sensitive, time consuming and involves complex decisions. Not only does it require the right strategy, but it also means having the right advisors to ensure the deal is appropriately managed and creates value for its shareholders and wider stakeholders.  

We can provide you with support and expert advice throughout the M&A process and with related strategic matters. 

The sale of your business  

We can help you realise maximum value for your business. Whether you are selling a business which you founded and built, or you are divesting a portfolio asset, we will work with you to design a tailored solution that works for you and your business, and that respects the highly confidential nature of a decision to sell your business. We assist with: 

  • Preparing the business for sale and working with you to define the best strategy and timing before a formal process has been launched
  • Production of information memoranda, teasers, financial models, business plans and other documents to present to prospective buyers
  • Identifying and approaching potential buyers in any location
  • Analysing, assessing and negotiating offers to reach your objectives and maximise value 
  • Project managing your sale process through to completion, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities
  • Liaising with legal advisors to ensure the terms of legal documents are optimal  

Ultimately, the decision to sell your business will be one of the biggest decisions of your working life if you are an entrepreneur or a key responsibility if you are working within a corporate. We will ensure that you are given practical, thorough and technically excellent advice at every step of the process to maximise the value that you realise.  


We can assist you in identifying and evaluating your financing needs, determining appropriate structures (equities, debt, mezzanine, etc.) and finding the right partners. 

In addition to raising funds through equity sales or capital increase, we also have a comprehensive suite of debt advisory services. 


We advise shareholders and managers on capital restructures in management buy-out (MBO) and leveraged buy-out (LBO) transactions, with both national and international financing partners. We can advise you on: 

  • Designing the appropriate capital structure (amount of envisaged debt vs. amount of equity)
  • Negotiating terms and conditions with equity, bonds and debt providers
  • Finding and securing a financial partner to support your plans and strategy
  • Implementing a governance structure to meet the objectives and expectations of management and your new financial partner
  • Structuring and negotiating of a management package and shareholders agreement according to the development strategy 

Acquisition and external growth 

We assist major national and international groups, privately owned businesses and financial investors in their acquisition and external growth projects. 

Delivering an acquisition strategy can be complicated, resource intensive and time consuming even if you have M&A teams within your business. At Mazars, we assist you at every stage of the acquisition process: 

  • Designing an acquisition strategy and producing a score card to assess targets
  • Screening the market to identify targets 
  • Approaching targets smoothly in any location and initiating a conversation 
  • Initial analysis of information provided 
  • Pricing analysis and assessment of potential synergies 
  • Preparing and negotiating offers to targets 
  • Project management of your acquisition through to completion, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities 
  • Liaising with other advisors such as due diligence providers, legal advisors and sellers 

When delivered correctly, acquisitions can boost growth and significantly increase shareholder value. Our global team of experts will partner with you and your teams to give your acquisition strategy the best chance of success. 

In addition, we also have a dedicated post-merger integration team that can support you post-completion.  

Our tools & solutions 

Mazars has developed its own proprietary platform to share deal information and market insight, and collaborate on deal opportunities with our M&A teams in over 30 countries. 

This platform means that you benefit from the best of our international team of experts wherever you are based.  

Our people

Mazars has over 250 M&A professionals in over 30 countries.