The Manifesto #unlockingresponsibleluxury is out!

Discover “The Manifesto”, the outcome of ongoing research conducted by the Sustainable Luxury Academy, Mazars, and Politecnico di Milano.

This report is a first output piece published by the research team behind the Sustainable Luxury Academy and delves into the issues of supply chain management and sustainability in the luxury world. The Manifesto essentially paints a roadmap to unlock responsibility across supply networks.

60+ illustrative actions are proposed in the manifesto to explain the extent to which ethical and environmental stewardship could be integrated into product, process and supply chain levels. The Manifesto incites business and stakeholders in the luxury space to act in terms of circular design, material innovation, cleaner production and supply chain transparency in such a mass-consuming industry.

On November 28ththe Responsible Luxury Summit provided its participants with a platform to discuss, engage and create multiple loops of learning to jointly spread sustainability, responsibility, kindness and the act of empathy across luxury fashion supply networks. 

At Politecnico di Milano School of Management, The Manifesto is unlocking 10 principles to integrate environmental and social sustainability at product, production, and supply chain levels.

Authors: Hakan Karaosman, Bethan Alexander, Jose Teunissen, Donald Huisingh, Donna Marshall, Lisa Niepelt, Rudrajeet Pal, Sam Moore.



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