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Audit Committee

One of the main aspects of effective and efficient corporate governance is diligence and constant monitoring of the processes, activities and performance of the areas and partners when meeting the goals and strategies of the Insurance and Bonding Institutions, as well as compliance with the internal/external applicable regulations.

At Mazars, we understand the importance of the roles and responsibilities of the Audit Committee which are essential to evaluate the fulfillment of their responsibility in order to manage in a healthy and efficient way.

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Operative Risk Management

The financial sector has pioneered when considering risk management as an integral part of business management. This was developed over the last 20 years due to the growth and complexity of its operations, advances in information technology, increased regulatory requirements and increasingly sophisticated competition, requiring quicker and more efficient business management while avoiding financial losses.

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Information Governance in the Insurance & Bonding Entities

A more demanding regulatory environment, with tougher competition and growth in the volume of operations, requires the development of information and communication systems of the Insurance & Bonding Institutions and Mutual Societies' insurance, to ensure the validity, completeness, usefulness and timeliness of its operations and data.

The challenge of managing information in its creation, control, storage, organization and usage will be of enormous importance for the survival and development of any organization.

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Corporate Governance in the Insurance and Bonding Institutions

The recent enactment of the Insurance and Bonding Institutions Legislation is designed to protect the economic interests of policyholders and other stakeholders, strengthening the organization, operation and functioning of the Insurance and Bonding, and Mutual Societies', being the Board of Directors primarily responsible for establishing corporate governance to ensure the effective and prudent management of its business.

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The Insurance & Bonding Legislation and the Insurance Contract Act Amendment were issued on April 4th

The Insurance & Bonding Legislation and the Insurance Contract Act Amendment were issued on April 4th on the Official Federation Journal, with the objective of strengthening of the organization, operation, and functioning of the Insurance & Bonding Institutions, as well as Mutual Insurance Institutions, for the benefit of policyholders and all stakeholders.

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