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So as to meet the need of the Polish real estate sector, Forvis Mazars decided to dedicate a practice gathering the skills of multidisciplinary experts. Aware of the issues at stake in this sector and able to offer swift, pragmatic and flexible solutions, they will answer to all of your problematics.

Services tailored to individual needs

Providing reliable financial information 

  • Legal audit
    • Annual audits
    • Limited reviews of intermediary settlements
    • Examination of pro forma accounts
    • Analysis of complex accounting situations
  • Contractual audit
    • Support in preparing your listing
    • Providing pro forma accounts and optimised financial information
    • Processing accounts for complex transactions (financing, outsourcing)
    • Converting your financial statements to IFRS/US GAAP standards
    • Preparing and reviewing ‘carve-out’ financial statements
    • Drafting manuals of accounting principles
  • Doctrine
    • Updates in changes to regulations
    • Analysis of new guidelines and their impact on your organisation
    • Training
    • Assistance in producing regulatory statements
    • Forecasting

Improving your strategy 

  • Corporate Finance
    • Establishment and optimisation of legal, tax and financial arrangements
    • Support in the search for potential financial partners and investors and/or sourcing of real estate assets as part of national and international development. 
    • Funding strategy and financial engineering
  • Transaction services
    • Financial due diligence (buyer/seller)
    • Tax due diligence (buyer/seller)
  • Valuation
    • Real Estate expertise (valuation of real estate assets)
    • Property company shares’ valuation 

Optimising your financial performance 

  • Accounting advisory & assistance
    • Accounting expertise
    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Shared Services Centres (SSC)
    • Consolidation and Reporting
    • Accounting services & emergency solutions
    • Forensic accounting, fraud investigation and litigation support services
  • IT Systems audit & implementation
    • Implementation of IT systems (IT diagnosis, assistance in selecting IT solutions and implementing information systems)
    • Information systems auditing  (Security check, IT service processes review, IT projects assessment ,  IT governing structure assessment)
    • Control of  IT transactions (with our SCAN-D tools)
  • Tax services
    • International tax (Transfer pricing services, Personal tax)
    • Corporate tax (property tax, Indirect tax, Local tax,  Fiscal advice and Tax litigation)
    • Consolidation (Effective Tax Rate management, Optimisation of IDA/IDP)
    • OPCI : calculation of tax obligations

Strengthening your internal control

  • Optimisation of Internal Control processes
    • Risk management
    • Implementation of internal control processes
    • internal control performance reporting
    • Internal audit
  • Assessment of service providers
    • Review of management contracts and delivery's compliance
    • Assessment of service providers‘ internal control
    • Interfaces assessment between service providers/client

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