IFRS – the international accounting regulations

Perhaps a company is planning on converting to International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS? The conversion is required before a company can be listed on a regulated market, but the need may also arise under other circumstances, for example if a company is required to report to a foreign parent company.

Our consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to manage the conversion process as efficiently as possible. We can help by:

  • analysing the effects of a conversion to IFRS on the income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements of a company and/or group
  • preparing the required documentation for the conversion
  • identifying and compiling the statements and information that should be included in quarterly and annual reports.

Naturally our services are still available after the conversion has been completed, in the form of ongoing support and assistance in interpreting and understanding IFRS that provides a business with a sense of security concerning the financial statements prepared and by their own company.