Navigating the pandemic: adapt

Phase 2 - Adapt

We have identified three key phases we believe you, as a business leader, will have to navigate during and after this pandemic.

  1. Response
  2. Adapt
  3. Recover and transform


As a leader, you will recognise that your business is changing in the face of the pandemic – and that as you go through lockdown, your processes, structures and staffing may need to change too.


  • Staffing and resources
  • Technology and processes
  • Premises and operations
  • Sales channel management
  • Personal finances

As you prepare to bring your furloughed staff back (or ‘reboard’ them), think about the structure of your teams and the size of each area of your business.

You will need to plan for when and how your teams return to work. Will it be full or part-time, on-site or working remotely? This will all have an impact on how you manage your processes, premises, technology and sales.

In this phase, you may be focused primarily on your business, but what about your personal cash flow? If your current business situation is impacting your income, it could have far-reaching implications for your own financial future.


  • Finance function reviews
  • R&D claims
  • Business Tax Planning Reliefs
  • Shareholder protection
  • Individual financial planning
  • Outsourced payroll
  • Outsourced accounting
  • Outsourced credit control
  • Audit and accounting considerations


Each challenge a business faces will be unique to its size and sector, so as advisors we tailor our solutions to suit your specific needs and circumstance.

We can help you plan for the next step and longer-term, opening you up to the possibilities of how you could transform your business and manage costs.

  • Post furlough workforce planning: giving you the tools you need to understand your current and future business structure and staffing requirements, so you are able to meet goals and improve business performance.
  • Statutory audits: providing clarity and peace of mind, audits can help you understand your financial position and performance as well as any accounting issues that may arise as a result of this pandemic.  
  • Finance outsourcing including bookkeeping, payroll and credit control: providing external support so you can focus on your core business while you regroup and plan for the future.  
  • Corporate and Income Tax planning: we offer pragmatic solutions and keep you informed of changes to regulations and new laws relevant to your business, helping you stay compliant.
  • Personal financial planning: practical advice and guidance on how to adjust your assets to protect personal savings and investments.

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We hosted a series of live panel discussions designed to help support you and your business through this current crisis to a life post lockdown. Topics included; team and operations, people and reward, and your personal finances.

View these recordings here.


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