Navigating the pandemic: recover

Phase 3 - Recover

We have identified three key phases we believe you, as a business leader, will have to navigate during and after this pandemic.

  1. Response
  2. Adapt
  3. Recover and transform


This phase is all about recovery and transformation – for some, getting fully back on track after the Covid-19 pandemic could take up to 18 months.

Are the effects of Covid-19 making you question your current business model and its future success? We believe that this phase presents an opportunity to look at how your top industry leaders are performing, benchmarking yourself in terms of structure and strategy to help identify how you should move forward.

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  • Organisational structures
  • Workforce planning
  • Cash flow and future investment
  • Product development
  • Technology and processes
  • Premises and operations
  • Sales channels
  • Personal finances

Look at your financials as they stand and current forecasts. Think about how your business operations and future structures need to evolve, including staffing, product and service development, and sales channels.

How will leases, supplier deals, distribution processes and staff contracts impact changes you make to transform your business?

And then there’s future investments and your personal finances to consider. Will you need to review your protection policies or revisit any pension and retirement funds?


  • Restructuring your company
  • Risk management
  • Technology review and innovation
  • Cash flow and funding post lockdown
  • Supply chain management
  • People and reward
  • Corporate and personal tax reviews


As painful and difficult as this time is, it gives you an opportunity to realise your vision for the future of your business.

It is important that you focus on both medium and longer-term goals. Create a business that is agile, innovative and robust enough to respond to economic change.

Our focus is on building relationships with our clients. We work with you to drive your business forward for success. During this phase we will help you with:

  • Statutory audits: providing clarity and peace of mind, an Audit can help you to understand your financial position and performance as well as any accounting issues that may arise as a result of this pandemic.
  • Finance outsourcing, including bookkeeping, payroll and credit control: providing external support so you can focus on your core business while you regroup and plan for the future.  
  • Tax and restructuring: we can build for you a comprehensive tax strategy that takes advantage of the available tax relief and meets all your legal responsibilities.
  • Accounting technology: we can help with everything from digital and IT strategy development to cyber security, automating and streamlining your processes.
  • Debt advisory and business planning: we’ll help you establish productive and achievable goals, then put together a strategy to achieve these.


We’re here for you and we’re working hard to keep you informed on everything you need to know on business funding, CJRS, outsourced services and more. 

If you would like to like to get in touch about any issues impacting you at this time.

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