Understanding the value of business decisions.

Whether you are considering an acquisition, the disposal of an asset, financing a project or contesting a piece of litigation, the potential financial impact plays a major role the decision-making process making it critical to have a full understanding of the value involved.

However, valuation is an inherently challenging area, requiring specialist skills and experience. Our global team of valuation experts are well versed in guiding clients through the valuation process and providing objective, thorough and technically sound advice on a broad range of situations, including:

  • Valuations in the context on an acquisition or restructuring exercise
  • Valuations to support financing or fundraising decisions
  • Valuations for financial reporting requirements
  • Valuations for tax or legal requirements
  • Valuations in the context of disputes, including contentious valuations

At Forvis Mazars, we recognise that all our clients are different, therefore for each assignment we assess the key value drivers, the context for the valuation and consider an array of valuation methodologies.

We take a collaborative and systematic approach to valuations. We mobilise teams with the required technical, sectorial and geographic expertise needed to ensure that all relevant factors are considered, whatever the situation.

Our valuation services are objective and independent to ensure reliability for you and any third parties that may be considering the results of the exercise.

Our dedicated valuation teams provide expert opinions on a wide range of valuation scenarios, such as:

  • Allocation of an acquisition price and calculation of goodwill
  • Impairment testing
  • Transactional valuations for M&A and fundraising
  • Compensation of minority interests due to squeeze-outs
  • Fairness opinions
  • Restructuring of company assets
  • Intangible asset valuation
  • Financial model valuation
  • Disagreements around contractual terms
  • Shareholder entry and exits
  • Issues due to succession 


Our tools & solutions

Thanks to years of experience in providing valuation services, Forvis Mazars has access to a significant database of proprietary data to support our work on valuation assignments.

In addition, we subscribe to a number of external databases to obtain valuation data, including Capital IQ, with whom we have a global agreement to ensure a consistent approach across the globe, as well as Bloomberg.

We are also a proud sponsor and member firm of the International Valuations Standard Council  ensuring that we are at the cutting edge of global developments in the valuations space.


Our people

We have valuation experts in 38 countries across all 5 continents, meaning that we can provide you with valuation support wherever your business takes you.

Our experts