ESG challenges for boards

On June 22, 2022 Mazars and the Centro de Gobierno Corporativo of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (CGCUC) held the breakfast event “ESG Challenges for Boards”.

The words of welcome were given by Luis Hernán Paul, director of the CGCUC. Eduardo Pérez Marchant, general manager of Parque Arauco, Patricia Sabag, director of Hortifrut, and José Tessada, director of the UC School of Administration and the CGCUC, discussed these issues in a panel moderated by Fanny Tora, director of Sustainability and ASG at Mazars.

In her presentation, Fanny Tora highlighted the main challenges in this matter:

• It is necessary to incorporate ESG aspects into the company's strategy.

• There are concrete financial opportunities linked to it.

• A harmonization of international ESG standards and a simplification of roles in the ecosystem are expected.

• Rapid investment in ESG skills is needed for all ranges of professionals.

During the panel discussion, Eduardo Pérez Marchant explained that on ESG issues, the administration must “open the field” and bring good alternatives to the board. In addition, he highlighted the importance of the role of the board of directors, since it must define the strategy and give emphasis to the projects on which the company will focus.

Meanwhile, Patricia Sabag highlighted the relevance that in the case of family businesses, values ​​and awareness are transferred to future generations, so that they become interested in these issues and make them visible in the future.

In the opinion of José Tessada, training in ESG issues is an important challenge and the role of boards in these matters is crucial. Likewise, he indicated that it is key that there was a conviction on these issues and leadership.