International Advice and Planning in Transfer Pricing

Design, planning and implementation of Transfer Pricing policies within multinational groups and TP advice in business restructuring and internationalization.

In the current global economy context, most companies have internationalized becoming multinational groups of various sizes. Traditional business models have given way to the digital economy and e-commerce, opening opportunities for companies but also generating new challenges in the tax area and, in particular, in Transfer Pricing.

In this scenario, business groups centralize services, initiate corporate restructuring, buy or sell companies, sign distribution and/or manufacturing agreements with other entities of the group, open or close branches and subsidiaries abroad, start online businesses, centralize the treasury, charge royalties for assignment of trademarks, finance or grant warranties to other companies of the group, etc.

In all these cases, setting a proper Transfer Pricing policy aligned with the business strategy of each company is a key subject (“Value Chain analysis”), both for the efficient management of the supply chain of goods and services and for identifying and avoiding tax risks.

Our services are focused on:

  • Design, planning and implementation: At national and international level we advise companies and multinational groups in the design and planning of the most proper Transfer Pricing policy for their business strategy and operational, assisting them in the further implementation of the policy.
  • Internationalization and Business Restructuring:Our Transfer Pricing professionals advise on Transfer Pricing in the process of internationalization and business restructuring, both in setting the new related operating as well as in the justification and validation of these business process for Transfer Pricing purposes.