Corporate structures

As the finance director of a major Chinese manufacturer, you might want to create the first overseas office.
Your Italian research group might want to set up its global R&D activities in another jurisdiction.
Or perhaps you want to advise an international luxury goods manufacturer who is seeking a location to benefit its portfolio of patents.

In all of these cases, Forvis Mazars’ Corporate Structures Group can help. Our tax experts combine a sound understanding of cross-border tax with a detailed tax knowledge of tax structures and tax products in each country. We always take into account our client’s needs, circumstances and budget.

Our group is made up of tax experts from Forvis Mazars’ core countries, who can call on tax specialists from all of our global offices.

We offer a wealth of project management experience and a high level of partner involvement during assignments. We always deliver the most practical and cost perspective solutions which take into account all types of tax from VAT to social security, income tax and corporation tax.

Our recent assignments include:

  • Selecting a European headquarters for a Turkish automotive manufacturing company,
  • Structuring the acquisition of a commercial property in Germany for a French purchaser,
  • Financing infrastructure projects for Spanish investors via Belgium and Luxembourg,
  • Helping an Irish trading company establish a 12.5 per cent tax rate for a Portuguese internet company,
  • Structuring an investment in a Brazilian energy company for a Dutch company.