Labour & Employment Law in Germany

Today's dynamic working world is shaped by a wide variety of influences. These include, on the one hand, advancing digitalisation, the shortage of skilled workers and the further development of working models under the impression of "New Work". This is leading to a change in the protective provisions of labour law.

In Germany in particular, it is important for the legislator and the courts to grant all workers the best possible minimum standard of working conditions, some of which may differ significantly from other countries.

At Forvis Mazars Germany, we are aware of these challenges for companies and have therefore assembled a group of labour law experts who specialise in a wide range of labour law issues. These issues are closely linked to experts from related fields, such as income tax law or social security law.

With this guide we would like to be a support for those who are interested in doing business in Germany and would like to get a basic impression of the most important labour law regulations. In particular, the brochure deals with the specifics of German labour law regarding the recruitment of employees, work permits and employment conditions. It also briefly outlines the various options for creating an individual salary concept in coordination with the social security system.

However, the guide does not claim to be exhaustive. Your company may still need further individual counselling by our experts. The Employment Law Practice Group at Forvis Mazars in Germany is very happy to assist you as a reliable partner for holistic employment law advice.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.