Doing M&A in the Americas: Tax traps and structuring opportunities

26.5.2022 – America is a vast continent often referred to as a ‘continent of contrasts’ due to its natural, economic, cultural, and demographic diversity. In addition, it also presents inequalities in economic and developmental structure. These factors create a source of tax uncertainties where doing business in this region can be challenging in terms of tax environments that are not as similar.

While conducting transactions in the Americas still presents attractive opportunities to many investors. Our M&A and international tax experts often encounter tax risks that they know how to successfully navigate in order to increase the success of the deal-making process and the success of the subsequent integration process.

Conducting transactions in the Americas still presents attractive opportunities to many investors and, in this report, our M&A and international tax experts provide information based on our experience covering the tax structuring of due diligence in the region and the tax risks frequently encountered. Managing these risks can make the difference between a successful transaction, and subsequent integration processes, in these diverse markets.

The report highlights M&A tax risks and opportunities in the Americas, covering: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, the United States of America and, Venezuela.

Download the report now to learn about tax traps and incentives that will help you determine the right next steps. 

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Doing M&A in the Americas