VAT Compliance Inspection

VAT compliance invariably involves dealing with a high-volume of transactions. It is therefore important to have robust VAT compliance procedures in place to minimise the incidence of errors and mistakes, which if repeated over time may be expensive and time-consuming to remedy.

To reduce VAT risks, our review “VAT Compliance Inspection”, is designed to provide a high degree of assurance that your business model, with all its peculiarities, is reflected correctly in your VAT returns; it will also assist you during a tax audit. To assist you achieve a high standard of VAT compliance, our VAT experts will put your business activities under the VAT-microscope to enable them to cover all relevant areas of VAT compliance. You have engaged Forvis Mazars to perform VAT compliance services for some time? Everything works well? This is a good moment for having a closer look, too.

Do you have all VAT risks under control?

Is our “VAT Compliance Inspection” valuable for you?

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