Prepare for your interview

The success of an job interview lies in the preparation. We are looking for talent and personality above all, not just a CV and a cover letter.

Create a personalised and eye-catching CV

Break it down into different parts, all while highlighting the essential elements of your background. The recruiter must understand who you are and why you are the right person for this position in under a minute.

Write a convincing and unique cover letter

It will support and justify your application. Allow the recruiter to find out more about you and let them see that you agree with the values embodied by Mazars and its employees.

Pay attention to your presentation on the day of the interview

The first seconds are always decisive. Also, start off on the right foot by being punctual and wearing an outfit that corresponds to the company’s dress code.

Present yourself orally in a structured way

In order to talk about your professional history while highlighting your achievements. Anticipate the questions you may be asked: which experience was the most significant and why? What are your professional ambitions? Why have you chosen to join Mazars and the world of financial auditing? Your answers to these questions must make you the person who stands out.

Never forget that the interview is an opportunity to listen and discuss

Just as this moment allows your interviewer to get to know you better, it is also a chance for you to obtain answers to your questions about the company, your missions and your future at Mazars.

Remain natural

This is the best way to succeed at this stage. We are looking for talent and personality above all, not just a CV and a cover letter.

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