Another Year, Another Opportunity

Here at Forvis Mazars in Malta we are looking forward to another year full of opportunity and productive work, developing as best we can all those who work within our team, allowing them to make a difference to our clients' operations.

Forvis Mazars in Malta continue to grow gradually and this year will definitely be no exception.  We are continuously looking for talent and are always excited to offer the chance for everyone to shine at what they love doing best.  We provide the platform, the training and then basically get out of the way so that everyone can learn and develop. 

Due to our size, we pride ourselves in being able to offer learning opportunities across all disciplines, allowing colleagues to get immediately involved in a myriad of work assignments, some routine but most of them challenging.  

Our colleagues span across four different generations and we have seen an increase in the diversity at the workplace as new staff, some even with non-accounting skills, add colour to our palette as we continually draw on people’s strengths to deliver in the best way possible.

Everyone feels they can contribute and each one has a voice to use for the common good.

If you are looking for a new challenge in life, if you relish the chance to play on your strengths, or if you seek to expand your skills into areas you have not yet explored, please head to our portal and review the links below. 

Get in touch and, above all, let’s talk! We look forward to hearing from you!

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