Webinar | Fiscal Aids and Grants

24th July 2024
12:00 - 1:00pm


Companies are often looking for information on fiscal aids or grants that could alleviate the costs incurred on investment they undertake within their businesses, ranging from capital expenditure, training of employees and other expenditure to make their day-to-day operations more environment friendly.  The challenge often lies in identifying the most suitable programme which specifically targets their investment.

With Malta Enterprise’s re-launch of various support schemes and other programmes available through different entities , Forvis Mazars in Malta will be organising a webinar to discuss the following support schemes, how our team of experts can assist in identify the most ideal scheme and also throughout the application process. 

Amongst others, the following support measures will be discussed:

  • The Microinvest Scheme
  • The Green Mobility Scheme
  • The Smart and Sustainability Investment Grant
  • The Skills Development Scheme
  • The Business Development Scheme
  • Invest- Support for initial investment
  • Digitalise your business Scheme


CPE Hours: 1