Webinar | Open source Intelligence for MLROs and Compliance Officers

26th March 2024
12:00 - 1:00pm

Is open source intelligence (OSINT) being effectively used by your entity to manage ML and FT risks as well as the risk of sanction evasion and proliferation financing?  

OSINT is used for national security, law enforcement and business intelligence. Research suggests that over 90% of intelligence is obtained from open sources. There is a wealth of information that is in the public domain that MLROs, Compliance Officers and their respective teams should leverage in order to better identify customer risk.

Mazars in Malta is organising a webinar that will provide meaningful insights on how MLRO and Compliance Officers could improve the efficacy of OSINT measures undertaken, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and manage customer risk more effectively. 


  1. Understand the fundamentals of OSINT and its relevance in compliance and AML
  2. Demonstration of web-searching techniques
  3. Uncover the true meaning of slang terms using resources such as Urban Dictionaries
  4. Learn to access archived web pages to extract valuable historical information
  5. Understand the role of shell websites and how to detect them
  6. Gain proficiency in analysing website traffic patterns and equip yourself with practical skills to analyse domains to find information about websites
  7. Harness the power of artificial intelligence for efficient and effective analysis