Mazars's Annual Report 2007/2008

For the fourth year in a row, our annual report is available electronically as well as in paper format. This report includes our consolidated and audited accounts, under IFRS standards.

Mazars is first and foremost a human adventure, pursued every day by the women and men who make our organisation live and grow. Each and every man and woman, whatever their origins or experience, enriches our Group with their culture, their different points of view and their desire to go further, together. It is through their commitment that we are able to follow this adventure we started out on almost 70 years ago, seeking to build a Mazars that would create value for its clients by being ever more integrated, more open, and even more truly international.” (Extract from the 2007/2008 Annual Report)

The 2007/2008 edition of our annual report is intended to reflect this vision, by illustrating our commitment to the women and men that compose Mazars as a company, but also to our clients and communities.

Mazars Annual Report 2007-2008 - English