Advisory Services

Support for the critical moments that define your business’ success.

Application for incentive systems

Investment projects, preparation of applications and follow-up of financing requests.

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Corporate Restructuring

There are different factors that can justify the need for corporate restructuring: the need for increasing competitiveness and the need to surpass an adverse economic climate are the two main factors referred by companies, nowadays;

Forvis Mazars offers its services in such context through, for example:

•Drafting of financial restructuring plans including the compilation of business plans.
•Compilation of files in order to attract institutional partners and venture capital.

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Due diligence

At Forvis Mazars we assist you with acquisition due diligence and vendor due diligence.

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At Forvis Mazars we help you value your investments, business and assets.

You might want to forecast the financial effects of a business restructuring or determine an asset value during this process.

We assist you with the price allocation during an acquisition, or in understanding your own overheads and profits.

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Mandates of Purchase and Sale

The purchase or sale of immovable property, for example, are complex transactions where complications can arise.
Thus, it requires special skills and knowledge.

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