Financial Incentives and Tax Benefits

An international approach that maximizes your company's opportunities

When it comes to deciding which investments to make and where they are made, financial and tax incentives can play a decisive role. Around the world, governments provide incentives to companies that choose to develop their businesses. Finding and securing such incentives often requires advice and technical guidance.

Our approach

Taking a proactive approach, we work closely with our clients on access to support programs, including the preparation, presentation and monitoring of their applications, focusing on R&D, productive investment and internationalization.

Our dedicated team of professionals from the tax, financial, engineering, and accounting areas, advises on the process of obtaining existing tax credits and financial incentives. We advise on the appropriate incentives for your activity and your growth plans.

Financial and tax incentives

At Forvis Mazars, we see our clients' projects in a holistic and integrated dimension, (1) maximizing the impact of investment, through the contractualization of financial grants, (2) reducing the tax burden through the obtention of tax benefits, and (3) ensuring the correct framing of each operation.

Whatever the development phase of your company, there are opportunities to suit you:

  1. Development of new products and processes;
  2. Industrialization of the activity;
  3. Investment in non-productive areas/key dynamic competitiveness factors.

We simplify the national technical language; we are exhaustive in the definition of projects; and clear and objective in the intensity of support to benefit from each investment option.

Our services

  1. Analysis and framework of investment intentions, taking into account the national and European legal framework, with a view to fiscal and financial efficiency;
  2. R&D Consulting - identification of R&D processes, documentation and registration, reporting and preparation of dossiers for recognition of tax and financial support;
  3. Assistance in the preparation and submission of applications for financial and tax support;
  4. Ongoing monitoring of investment projects, using dedicated team and control tools.

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