Payroll services

Managing global payroll across multiple countries can be challenging for many businesses. You may face different payment dates and deadlines, local rules and regulations, types of deductions, frequency of payments and a variety of reporting requirements. It can also be problematic and inefficient using multiple local providers and hiring specialists in countries to service only a few employees.

Forvis Mazars comprehensive payroll services are focused on supporting our clients to be compliant, be able to make the right decisions for its employees and reduce workloads.

Our highly trained team of payroll professionals is led by Luís Batista and Patrícia Cardoso. We believe that our team of payroll experts who have a strong focus on client service enable our clients to navigate the requirements and complexities of Portuguese payroll.

Our payroll expertise

  • Excellent communication in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish;
  • Working with regional and global HR functions located outside of Portugal;
  • Processing payroll with time and attendance data;
  • Working within tight deadlines;
  • Providing a one-stop service including accounting, tax compliance and work permit and visa services.


Forvis Mazars has significant experience in the implementation of payroll. During this critical period, our responsibilities are:

  • Set up the employee database;
  • Set-up procedures;
  • Test the payroll process;
  • Eliminate errors and incorrect settings;
  • Perform a sample test (if required).

The transition process will be based on a detailed transition plan that would be agreed with our client.

Implementação Payroll

Monthly Payroll Processing

Forvis Mazars will assign each client to a dedicated team led by one of our experienced payroll managers and seniors.

  • Our payroll services can be organized as follows:
Admission of new employees
  • Communication to Social Security
  • Communication to Work Compensation Fund

Monthly Payroll Processing


  • Monthly Payroll Processing (with total availability to clarify in the case of exceptional situations)
  • Payroll workflows and timelines are agreed annually in advance and are the backbone to ensuring that your staff are paid correctly and on time every month
  • Outputs include salary receipts and other official documents that result from normal salary processing, including the SEPA file for bank transfers that is generated by our software
  • Salary receipt can be sent by email to the customer and / or directly to employees
  • Employee data and payrolls are maintained in our software or in our clients' software. A conference form is made available annually to be updated by employees
  • Data and time processing:
    • Opening an individual file for each worker
    • Monthly salary processing
    • Social Security
    • Tax Authority
    • Work Compensation Fund
Termination of contract
  • Communication to Social Security
  • Communication to Work Compensation Fund

Annual Obligations


  • Support in the compilation of information from annexes A to F of the Single Report, as a resource to the data generated by the salary processing software used by Forvis Mazars

Other tasks


  • Issuance of PS2 files for bank transfer of salaries
  • Issuance of PS2 files to communicate the amount of meal allowance to be credited to meal cards
Processo Payroll


Monthly Payroll Processing

  • Showing, for each employee, the following: basic salary; additional income; deductions; withholding tax payable; employees SS contribution; work compensation fund contribution; net salary payable;
  • Details of the staff that have resigned, terminated or joined client that month.

Payroll Withholding Tax Form (“DMR”)

  • To be generated electronically and submitted by Forvis Mazars on behalf of the client.

Social Security (“SS”)

  • Registration and qualification of workers in Social Security;
  • It is generated electronically and submitted by Forvis Mazars on behalf of the client to DMR for Social Security, as well as its timely communication to the Company for payment.

Work Compensation Fund (“FCT”)

  • Administrative tasks related to admissions, dismissals and other changes to salaries are ensured;
  • Contributions from Companies and employees are generated and validated on the FCT - Work Compensation Fund website.


  • Making files available for integration of salaries in accounting, with the possibility of adapting to the client's needs. 

On an annual basis

  • Income statements;
  • Single Report.

Quality Control

Forvis Mazars have documents all payroll workflows which are tied into detailed schedules that identify potential risks during all aspects of the payroll processing.

These controls and processes cover:

  • New client implementation;
  • Monthly payroll processing;
  • Payment processing;
  • Admissions and dismissals;
  • Year-end processing;
  • General controls;
  • Client approval.

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