Global Mobility Services

Helping you manage your (global) workforce

Companies in Qatar are often recruiting qualified people offshore and even moving their existing employees between countries. As a result, employees often find themselves working abroad or travelling between their home base and the location of their current assignment. Many companies also call upon foreign talent to cover local sourcing needs.

Managing such a global workforce can be challenging and requires a constant observation and understanding of the various complex and continuously evolving immigration laws and practices. To help you navigate the complex immigration legislation, our team of experts are ready to guide you through a maze of immigration procedures and timelines.

Strongly connected to Forvis Mazar’s Global Mobility Network, our Qatar team is your door opener to a wealth of experienced professionals all over the globe. Working with you, we save you time and reduce the uncertainty, frustration and anxiety that so often accompanies immigration matters.

How we can help?

Our experts can assist with:

  • Strategic immigration advice for both companies and individuals.
  • Support with obtaining the necessary visa’s, work and residence permits for your workforce and their dependents, including continued support and monitoring status.
  • Assessments of and advice on business visas, work and residence authorization requirements concerning business trips, assignments, transfers, relocations and local hires.
  • Organize training and workshops with your Human Resources department and Global Mobility managers, employees and project managers on a wide range of issues, such as integrating immigration into business initiatives and contract negotiations, helping ensure compliance with immigration laws, and dealing with reorganizations and resourcing changes.
  • Review of your immigration processes and perform compliance audits.