Technology, Management & Compliance

The rapidly changing business environment and the increasing globalization of tax legislation and reporting requirements create additional tax compliance risks for all Taxpayers, including all Taxpayers in Qatar.

Adequate technology, management and compliance measures can help you to better control the tax aspects of your operations, increase efficiency, manage high volumes of data and reduce your tax compliance and reputational risks in all areas of taxation.

Would you like to harness the latest technological solutions to enhance your compliance across all your operations? Could you use assistance to transform your tax function according to good international tax management practices? Or, do you aim to design and implement a Tax Policy and Compliance Framework and build a cooperative relationship with the GTA?

Our Tax Technology, Management and Compliance experts can assist you with Qatar and Global compliance and tax management services, tax technology and transformation projects, as well as with the development and implementation of comprehensive tax policy and control frameworks. Our team also delivers Managed Services, taking over complete finance and tax processes from clients.

Tax Management Function

A strong tax management function and well-designed internal processes are key in ensuring accurate and timely compliance with all your tax and reporting obligations. New legislative requirements and changing business models frequently create risks that need to be identified and handled proactively in all areas of taxation. This requires a robust tax function, which also contributes to a more effective financial management and connectivity of business areas.

We can assist you to organize your tax function, define a Tax Operating Model, and re-assess or develop a Tax Strategy that best fits your corporate culture, operations and structure.

We can also help you develop a Tax Policy and put the Tax Operating Model and Policy into practice. Hereby, we apply a holistic approach with coverage for all main taxes, while also considering sector specific items.

Furthermore, we can map and review your current tax compliance processes and controls and recommend improvements per tax type. Based on our recommendations, we assist you with implementing these improvements to reduce tax compliance risks and achieve efficiency gains.

Implement a Tax Control Framework

A Tax Control Framework is a prerequisite for entering into collaborative compliance arrangements with the GTA, now or in the future. Having your own Tax Compliance Framework can be beneficial even if you do not participate in collaborative compliance arrangements.

These frameworks contribute to a consistent approach in applying the Tax Strategy, Policy and individual processes group-wide and will enable early detection and remediation of deficiencies. Furthermore, it strengthens connectivity between business areas and corporate functions.

We can assist you in developing a Tax Control Framework that is tailored to YOU.

Can you elevate your tax function?

Technology is an important component to increase efficiency and elevate your tax function to the next level. We offer innovative solutions that can be customized to your needs, regardless of the size and the scope of your business.

The Tax Technology expertise is fully integrated into our Tax practice. This means that technology has become an integral part of our thinking process, no matter which Tax service you require. When proposing tailor-made solutions or process improvements, we remain fully technology-agnostic and make sure that suggestions can leverage your existing technology landscape.

If custom development is required, our solutions can be fully tailored to your corporate brand. Fully integrated, our solutions become virtually indistinguishable from in-house developed solutions. When working with Forvis Mazars, you can rely on the experience of our Tax consultants, data experts, development experts, technology consultants and RPA specialists. Our experts will work together in close collaboration with your own professionals.

Our solution offerings cover various areas of tax and reporting obligations, including:

  • Tax return preparation and filing.
  • Tax reporting solutions.
  • Workflow Management.
  • Tax Data and Analytics solutions, simulations and dashboards.
  • Tax calculation tools.
  • Process automations.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

If you are interested in solutions for other areas not mentioned above, feel free to contact us. Our Tax team will not only assist you in implementing the above solutions, but can also analyze and implement IT solutions exclusively developed to your needs.

Do you need support to ensure your tax compliance?

Helping you to manage your Qatar and even global compliance obligations is the heart of what we do. We see Tax Compliance Outsourcing not just as a formality or commodity but as an enabler to optimize your tax organization, processes and functions.

Our team in Forvis Mazars in Qatar provides technical insight and advice on your Qatari compliance requirements, while tapping into the Global network expertise of Forvis Mazars and the large international expertise our own team has gained in the GCC and Worldwide.

We offer Managed Services, going beyond the traditional outsourcing scope, with a capability to take over entire finance, tax and accounting processes.

Key features of our services include:

  • Transformational approach.
  • Dedicated management contact point.
  • Collaborative approach.
  • Tailored delivery model.
  • Enabling technology and data analytics.
  • Integrated governance framework.
  • Managed Services capability.