Expatriate desk

Globalisation is setting a new trend for doing business: most of multinational companies face the increasing demand for highly mobile international workforce and lots of individuals invest and do business abroad.

Dealing with cross border employment, individual business activities abroad is a complex issue. It concerns home and host country legislation as well as international tax treaties’ provisions. Mazars is ready to accept this challenge and advise you on every step of the cross border employment matters.

The Mazars expatriate desk offers expertise and will provide you with the tailored services in various areas, no matter whether the individual is an employee of a foreign company seconded to Ukraine, an employee of a local company working abroad or a self-employed individual. Our assistance includes: 

  • Definition of a tax residency status according to local and international rules to determine the amount of tax payable in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Special expatriate planning and compliance, and determination of the most favourable tax regime.
  • Preparation of the Personal Income Tax return.
  • Cooperation with Mazars offices globally to arrange for individual’s income split calculations as well as foreign tax settlements.
  • Advice on immigration matters, visas, residence and work permits.

Our technical expertise and clear understanding of your requirements as well as mutual trust will certainly be the basis for our long-term relationship.

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